Loring Films’ Mission

For many filmmakers, documentary is a stepping stone for experience, or simply a side project until they inevitably become the next Scorsese. Indeed, when Peter Loring McGee’s classmates were writing their Master’s dissertations on Godard and Kubrick, Peter chose  Ken Burns and Emile de Antonio.

For us at Loring Films, documentary is more than an art form; it is the most powerful medium for educating the masses and examining the human condition.  In a society that increasingly desires concise content in visual platforms, Loring Films is dedicated to delivering compelling and factual storytelling that provides insight and understanding.

Currently based in Dublin, Ireland, with roots in the West Coast of America, no location is too remote and no story is too small. We are constantly on the lookout for new projects, and would love to hear from you. As we argue in the Search for the Seanachaí, everyone has a story to tell—so what’s yours?

Tell us at loringfilms@gmail.com.